Ozgun’s Support For The Works After The Rockfall At The Aokas Tunnel


On October 12, the rockfall occurred at the western entrance to the Aokas tunnel on RN09, linking Béjaia to the wilayas Sétif and Jijel. In February, 15 people died when a rock fell from the top of the mountain on the road. In order to avoid a similar result, the Wali of Bejaia, the technical works directorate and civil defence took action and requested the support of the Kherrata Project Özgün İnşaat to quickly find a solution and eliminate the risk. Following the on-site inspections carried out by the project manager Mr. Cenk İlker and our production manager Mr. Süleyman Taşatan, the works in the area have started and the necessary measures have been taken. The wali of Béjaia and the President of technical works directorate expressed their gratitude and thanked our company and our teams who completed the work in one day.