Our Human Resources Policy

Our motto ''Sustainable excellence'' underlies the company's Human Resources policy as well as in all our business processes.

We work to achieve successful and excellent results in every field we operate with our team who adds value to all domains, adopts a corporate culture focused on excellence and quality, is open for developments in the sector and in the world, follows the latest developments, respects the environment and for human, keeps the balance of human, society, environment and business continuity to establish a sustainable future, adopts the culture and values of each region in which we operate, always complies with business ethics,  is firmly committed to corporate identity, can take initiative when necessary, acts as part of a team and improves itself.

Within the framework of all these, as KRK Holding, we are advancing with a perspective that always puts people at the center, based on equality, solidarity and lifelong development. Our incrementally growing performance is the result of our work and professional perspective, which is taken as a role model in every field we operate, and our company culture.

In order to be able to create this culture, we work;

  • To grow our teams with a qualified workforce through our equal opportunity principle, our pioneering and innovative approach in recruitment processes, 
  • To provide all kinds of technical, professional and training support to our employees to improve themselves in their fields, 
  • To create an efficient work environment to increase their motivation, 
  • To attach importance to  common mind in all business processes, 
  • To use effective communication techniques to establish mutual trust and cooperation within our organization, 
  • To create a sense of belonging that will strengthen employee's motivation and corporate loyalty, 
  • To take all necessary measures to protect the safety and health of all our employees with objectif of an accident-free work place, 
  • To adopt and develop a perspective that puts environmental and sustainability awareness at the center.  
For your job and internship applications, you can follow the open positions listed below and send your CV to e-mail.

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