On September 18, World Cleanup Day, We Cleaned The Beykoz-Kabakoz Beach


One of the biggest problems that cause environmental problems and pollution today is solid waste, which harms nature and living things. These garbage, which is formed as a result of the producer or the consumer throwing the products out randomly instead of recycling or disposal, accumulates in the coastal and marine environment by drifting with the wind and streams.

As KRK Holding, in order to improve our environment and leave a more livable and sustainable world to future generations, we joined the great cleaning movement in cooperation with the Let's Do It Turkey initiative, which brought together thousands of volunteers from 180 countries around the world, within the framework of our "Sustainable Excellence" motto. At the same time as the whole world, on September 18, World Cleanup Day, we collected hundreds of bags, strings, butts, textiles, foam and plastic garbage that would harm the ecosystem and our health, accumulating on Beykoz / Kabakoz beach and recycle them.