Baltalimanı – Ayazaga, Baltalimanı – Kagıthane Wastewater Tunnel Project

This Project consist the construction of wastewater tunnel with 3600 mm inner diameter, 4600 mm excavation diameter and 7781 m length with EPB-TBM and one shaft with 7,5 m inner diameter, four shafts 9 m inner diameter, concrete pipe jacking with 2000 mm inner diameter and 359 m length, construction of reinforced concrete pipeline with 1800 mm inner diameter and 261 m length.

Location TÜRKİYE
Contractor Ilci Insaat – Ozgun Insaat Joint Venture
Client Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ) Sewerage Section Directory Sewage Section Directory
Project Scope 10.000 m tunnel