Station Başak Konutları 4 Shoring Works

Within the scope of the construction works of the tunnel and portal structures of the connection between Olimpiyat Köyü and the Bağcılar - Başak Konutları Metro line, where the Istanbul Otogar-Bağcılar line is extended up to Başak Konutları, the shoring works of Başak Konutları 4 Station and the tunnel portal exit works of the Olimpiyat Köyü have been completed.

Two shafts were used for this construction, one with a diameter of 10 m and a depth of 24.75 m, and the other 10 m in diameter and 42 m in depth.

Location TÜRKİYE
Client Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Project Scope Soil nail, shotcrete and wire mesh works